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Bither World Community consists of 12 Persons Staff members?. Initial members of this set will be chosen by Bither team based on skills and CVs relating to blockchain technology. After the Bither Mainnet has launched, new members of Board will be chosen via voting on the Bither platform blockchain.

Except for the first round that is less than a year, for next rounds all Board members are installed and take responsibilities for one year. The Board members combination is as follows:

  • One seat for a member of the core team
  • One seat for inspector or supervisor or coordinator
  • Ten persons of different continents:

Two persons from Africa

Three persons from Asia and Oceania

Three persons from America (North, South, Central)

Two persons from Europe

To protect and support activist group of this set, three teams in Bither organization and headquarter office will be formed.

  1.      Educational team

This team is responsible to prepare all needs of users in formats that are adequate to new educational requirements and register them at the website in the developer section.

  • Produced contents
  • Help section videos
  • Helping and directing developer community
  • And other subjects as needed by the time
  1.       Community team

This team is responsible to identify educational and helpful needs to expand enthusiastic set and refer them to the educational team.

  • Explanations
  • QA
  • Requests for producing contents, educational and motivational videos and texts
  • Following up marketing policies
  • And other subjects as needed by the time
  1.      Coordinators team

This team is responsible for taking and reviewing reports and sending them to relevant teams, first of all, they are responsive to the project manager, and then reporting to the Board (if approved by Bither administration).

Contact Info

Bither Foundation LLC, No 17, Paliashvili st., Tbilisi, Georgia