Bither World Community

The Bither Foundation is building an independent organization with a different domain name( other than the Bither’s main domain, to empower and grow its community.

This organization is currently under the supervision of the marketing team and intends to use active people from different countries as ambassadors to cover its global network.

This project is a five-year sustainable activity to introduce and develop the Bither Platform around the world. Continuing the activities and modifications etc. will be put to votes among the Board of Directors, ambassadors and members of the community. Together with the board of directors and the members of the community, the ambassadors will have a say in the direction Bither Platform will grow. Activities, modifications and other important adjustments will be put to a vote.

Therefore, we invite those who are qualified and believe that this network can contribute to the future of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, to participate in a network built for the use of the entire world.


  • To reinforce the market for the Bither project
  • To help Bither community to work as a team
  • To delegate some sections of the market to network users
  • To direct to popular usage of Bither platform network around the world
  • To extend and reinforce the coordination between Bither network and users set
  • To attract users
  • To inform and educate users
  • Supervising and auditing
  • To help with communication
  • To motivate and prepare scientific requirements for this system
  • To identify and give full support to businesses and people who are interested in the blockchain technology

Contact Info

Bither Foundation LLC, No 17, Paliashvili st., Tbilisi, Georgia