All proceedings we make in Bither World Community are based on our beliefs: “correct instructions and improvements” for? “Bither Platform users”. The goals and criteria of Bither Platform to create this powerful network is to prevent waste of energy used, to preserve high security and to deliver a network that is able to solve present issues and challenges and make improvement in this industry.

Therefore the growth and expansion of Bither World Community will result in having more people and users interested in blockchain technology around the world, and to make them more enthusiastic to use this unique industry for themselves and their companies.

We hope this ecosystem will spread and will create a big Impact as Bither Platform Community, so we will be able to take steps in the education of this unique platform. Educating people, companies and the community will reinforce our goals and make our educational policies better day by day.

You can contact our ambassadors in your country at any time. They will be happy to help you to get more information about the following matters:

  • Programs for improvement and reinforcement in the near future.
  • Implementing a specific and educational forum for users and developers.
  • Building a community for developers in any country and supporting it with team developers.
  • Meetups and summits sponsorships.
  • Organizing educational courses in any country and present certificates to attendees in cooperating with the ambassador of that country.

The process of creating and updating the Bither World Community

As mentioned above, the structure and educational policies are being developed continually and will be updated to adapt with new features of Bither Platform. Therefore the latest changes made by the Board members will be published for ambassadors and community.


In this community, and whenever the Board members and ambassadors in the future make a decision based on votes to define an application, media and etc. On the Bither blockchain that has an approved white-paper, they can have a token for their purposes as well. The Bither core team welcomes these plans and will support them.

Contact Info

Bither Foundation LLC, No 17, Paliashvili st., Tbilisi, Georgia